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God bless the Sheriff’s Office

Dear editor;

Today makes two months since our world on Monte-Elma Road changed. On Feb. 25, when we returned from our trip to Olympia, we found our home of 35 years broken into.

A group of people, who choose not to work, broke into our home and took what they wanted: TV, Bose radio, camera, computer, food from our freezer, some of our clothes and personal items, all my jewelry and a lot of my husband’s tools. It didn’t matter that we had worked 48 years for these items or how much it meant to us, they wanted it so they took it!

We’ve learned through this that we have dedicated people in the Sheriff’s Office, starting with responding Officer Gay and called-in Detective Peterson.

By Monday, March 3, Det. Johanesson met me at the pawn shop in Olympia and four pieces of my jewelry were returned to me.

The “gang leader” Gerald A. Hiler has been arrested and sentenced for six years. The two Rasmussens have been arrested. This is in two months! We thank the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office.

Our families thank you!

Our neighbors thank you!

Our friends thank you!

And may God bless all of you who go to work every day to make Grays Harbor safer.

Ken and Linda Mills