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Fear-mongering oil trains supporters should go public

Maybe I missed the purpose of your opinion piece last Thursday? However, if you said you wouldn’t print letters, unsigned, then you shouldn’t proceed to quote them extensively and anonymously. Really! There were some fairly slanderous claims by those unnamed sources. Some hateful words and expletives that we could all live without. Inappropriate for the cause—whatever theirs may be; one fear mongering gentleman in particular, (who, I will not give the dignity of naming here), has interestingly enough, been treated with respect by opponents and supporters, alike at all gatherings. As for the fear felt and the exaggerated claims of ruination by the “anonymous” others supporting crude—I call questionable!

To mention Friends of Grays Harbor, The Audubon Society and The Quinault Nation a threat to the well being of the “anonymous” is slightly absurd. Completely out there in left field.

All the good people I have met through my small efforts in voicing public disagreement with our Port Commissioners regarding 3 oil projects (110 explosive trains a month, 2.7 billion gallons yearly), are intelligent, reasonable and accomodating at all public meetings I’ve attended. Their leadership style encompasses playing by the rules. I found that amazing since the rules seem a bit skewed in favor of their opposition, especially concerning railroads—the demigods of the Port.

Our only concern with this oil issue, is to be stewards of our Harbor— our estuary, our river, our communities and our county. Protecting, saving and doing the work that our Port Commissioners are unwilling to do. It’s hard work. Our welfare does not appear to be in their money making interests. Quite the opposite—we are disposable, at risk citizens. Our City Councils apparently have their hands tied, as well. WE have demonstrated more concern about jobs, our coastal economy, risk of life and community safety than your “anonymous letter writers” have in their little fingers. The Friends of Grays Harbor are are not a group who get together on Tuesday night for tea and crumpets. They are all of us—those who care about Grays Harbor and work diligently to be honorable, self appointed, ethical stewards of this county without letting politics play into it. Thank goodness I have had the good fortune to meet and work with such people. They aren’t anonymous, either. I like that—they have the courage to stand up and be counted—thank you all.

That’s my opinion and I’m signing this!

Carl Seaman