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Don’t blame the Monte residents for what’s wrong in the city

Dear Editor;

This is the first letter I have ever written to a newspaper. But, after the last city council meeting on June 24, I feel the need to say a few things.

First, I would urge the council to consider opening up the public comment portion after all the council members have given their closing comments. The public has to sit there and listen to them and don’t get the opportunity to voice their opinions because we are only allowed to speak twice during the entire meeting and only for 2 minutes. I think the majority of the citizens attending the meeting were appalled at Councilwoman Pam McElliott’s comments. I know I was! She basically is blaming the citizens of Montesano for all the negative comments that appear in the social media because “they hate the mayor.” Her words, not mine. Who does she think is to blame for all the turmoil that has been going on in town? The citizens? I think not! I am a fourth generation Montesano resident and I am proud to be from this town. But what has gone on for the last year and a half should not have happened and will not be tolerated by the multi-generation families that have lived in this town their entire lives. I hope the same applies to new families that moved here because they felt it is a good place to live and raise their children or retire.

This mayor came into our town and ran for office because he thought it needed fixing. Well, I have news for you Mr. Estes, it wasn’t broken and we were doing just fine as we had been for many, many years. We liked out little community just the way it was and didn’t need two outsiders coming in and trying to destroy what we have. For some reason, he and Kristy Powell had it in for the public works department so they set out to destroy it. There are double standards when it comes to investigations and solutions. The employees outside of city hall are disciplined differently than the city administrator or public works director. If anyone brings a problem to the mayor about them, he always makes an excuse for their behavior.

Two council members think we should just forget what has happened and move forward and stop the negative comments. Well, I’m sure Mrs. McElliott would feel that way since her husband was hired by the city administration to work in public works. The other council member stated that his wife wants to move because of all the negative press. My advice to anyone living here that doesn’t like the public opinion to try to save our town should find another place to live. Maybe Mr. Estes could move back to Ocean Shores. Oh, that’s right; they don’t want him there either! My mom always said, “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”.

Kudos to Council members Tyler Trimble and Marisa Salzer for asking questions.

Marilyn Lockwood