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The Democrats messed up big with prosecutor appointment

Dear Editor;

As a Democrat Precinct Committeeman, I attended the Oct. 3, 2013 meeting.

Never have I witnessed such a chaotic meeting as that night. I had received a call from Katie the night before the meeting and I explained I was going to nominate Mike Spencer, however, I would certainly put her name on the list.

The commissioners do not have to pick the person with the most votes because, many times in the past, they chose someone else.

Vini Samuel announced to us the order we should put on the list to be presented to the commissioners. We were told Katie would make we Democrats proud because she would support Democrats. The only problem with that is in Grays Harbor County, there are Republicans, the Tea Party, Independents and, perhaps, others. The Prosecutor’s job should be to represent everyone equally. We live in a Democracy.

I have personally met Frank Gordon and Herb Welch, but I have not met Wes Cormier. He sounds like he can “think outside the box” and choose what he feels best in different situations facing our county commissioners.

It was suggested by one writer of a letter to let the Governor choose. I think that would be a great idea. The party messed up badly, not our county commissioners.

Barbara Lester