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Davis Field will forever have many memories

Words cannot explain the feeling that takes place every Friday night in a high school student section, especially those nights that take place on Davis Field. These were the kind of nights the whole town looked forward to.

Being surrounded by great people, people who truly care about each other and their school. Cheering your heart out at games is one of the best feelings that you can ever have as a student. I can’t count all of the wonderful memories I’ve shared with my friends in that stadium as well as playing on the field. It is such a great atmosphere to be apart of when you look up and all you can see are rows and rows of blue and white. I truly believe that building a new stadium will bring many benefits to the entire student body and community. This is a place where memories are made and I hope that by the end of each student’s four years, they too can walk away with great memories that they’ve shared with their friends like I was able to. As a member of the Class of 2010, I am forever grateful that I was able to experience that feeling with such a great group of people. Those are some memories that I will continue to cherish for the rest of my life.

Brandi Thomas