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County should revise critical areas ordinance

Recently, the County Commissioners, in their wisdom and with pressure from some so-called environmental groups, decided to pass a law that says anyone in Grays Harbor, other than farmers, had to lose control of an additional 100 feet of their land without any compensation. This was done when we were “represented” by Terry Willis, a farmer and past county commissioner. Since none of the other landowners have done anything to protest such a “taking of land,” the commissioners have taken no action to reverse this travesty.

I believe we should first bring a major protest and demand that we be compensated for the land taken, have our taxes reduced by the current market value of this land and if these actions are not taken in a timely manner, we should sue the county. As you know, now we have new commissioners so we cannot blame this travesty on them. Please contact Wes Cormier, Herb Welch and Frank Gordon and ask them to take immediate action on this taking of our land. Perhaps the “environmentalists” would like to pay for this land since they bluffed the county into this unfair law. The commissioners can be reached at (360 249 3731 or you can write them at the Grays Harbor County Courthouse, Montesano, WA 98563.

Thank you for listening.

Fred Rapp