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County should crack down on Weyerhaeuser

Dear Editor;

I’m writing about the lack of action by the commissioners of Grays Harbor and the Weyerhaeuser Company.

They have had Blue Slough Road closed in July and August. Now, again for October, November, December and January for clean up. Weyerhaeuser has only two people working on the project and when they close the road, at times, the county works on it, too.

Good plan if you finish in a timely fashion. The commissioners tell me that they don’t have enough people to do traffic control and they can’t control Weyco, but they did issue them a permit. Get a full crew from the county and finish the project and force Weyco to get it done or pull their permit.

Also, talking to the commissioners Wes Cormier and Frank Gordon about, at least, putting signs just outside of Montesano and downtown Cosmopolis with the Blue Slough Road closure. They can’t seem to get that handled. We pay $70,000 to $80,000 each yearly for three commissioneeers that can’t seem to impact anything.

Bill Jenkins