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County doesn’t need an intern at $22 per hour

Dear Editor;

My goodness, why does Commissioner Gordon have his panties in bunch over Steven Friederich’s write up on the $22 per hour intern? Maybe because the commissioner doesn’t like the truth and can’t deal with the facts! Come now, Mr. Gordon, to even suggest that it is someone else’s tax dollars that are paying for this non-intern (“wrong word,” as you put it) is great! That statement alone allows you to justify this to yourself and screams guilty as charged to the general public, you would have been better off keeping your mouth shut and it probably would have gone away. But, no, you love to hear yourself talk! But, good grief Mr. Gordon, someone else’s tax dollars, come on that’s kind of like saying “this cow pie sandwich will taste great because it came from a ‘special’ cow,” isn’t it? You probably expect to have everyone bow to you and accept it as truth.

I, as well, have a Public Records Request in for information on both the individual as yet un-named, as well as the information regarding the source of the money. The state is always interested in investigating these kinds of shenanigans and good ol’ boy politics.

This is not going away, but the last commissioner that practiced nepotism and skirted the county’s hiring policies and then lied about it did go away. As I recall, quite resoundingly. Once again, I have to or, should I say, I get to give credit to Commissioner Cormier for once again standing on principle and truly representing the people of Grays Harbor County.

Bruce Daniels