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Councilman clarifies Monte personnel policy

Dear Editor;

In the closing paragraph of the article regarding Public Works computers, it refers to the City Council last month “approving a new personnel policy, which includes computer usage.” (emphasis added). I feel this description misrepresents the actual policy that was approved. For almost a year, the Personnel Committee had been doing a complete review of the existing personnel policy. What was approved by Council was not a brand new created from scratch policy. Previously, items were added to the policy and I believe this may be the first time the policy was reviewed in its entirety by a council committee

The personnel policy already included a Computer Use Policy, Vehicle Use Policy, Whistleblower Protections and other items. I had worked on the Computer Use Policy in the second half of 2009 and believe that was when it was approved and added to the Personnel Policy. I do not have copies of the minutes from those meetings but I’m pretty sure of that time frame.
When I read the article in the paper it makes it seem as if a new policy, with the computer usage policy, was created during an investigation. However, the computer use policy was already within the Personnel Policy for a couple of years prior to the investigations.


Chris Hutchings

Montesano City Council