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Council needs to grow a spine and refute ‘Dictator Dent’

Dear Editor;

First I want to thank you for the great job you do in telling the truth in our area. At last night’s city council meeting, our power monger mayor slipped a big one past the only two members of our city council who have any brains or backbone. Dent adjourned the meeting, and someone in the room asked when the second public meeting ,about the police levy ,was. He said there wasn’t going to be one. Well, let me tell you this. He and the council had told the public there would be two, and now that little dictator is doing crap like this. I went to the first public meeting and from what I saw and heard, the two councilmen that are actually informed and DO have a backbone made Dent and his police look like idiots. This mayor and his policies are slowly but surely drying up McCleary. Why would anyone want to move to McCleary with the exorbitant water and sewer rates, and now possible tax increases? Rentals are sitting empty all over town because of it. And the empty businesses will most likely stay that way too. Dent continually “dangles the carrot” by leading people to believe that Halo Steel is coming and will be our giant golden egg. Has anyone noticed that the Chinese are buying up land all over our country just for “money in the bank” investments, and just sitting on it? McCleary residents had better wake up and look closely at the fact that city government is on its way to bankruptcy by continuing to spend $470K a year for a three-cop department they can’t afford. And frankly, a police dept. that is doing very little to stop the huge drug problem here, while collecting huge annual pay and massive benefit packages. I wonder if the chief, being a beneficiary in the mayor’s will, has anything to do with it?

Jeff Foster