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Commissioner Gordon should be ashamed at his language

I am responding to the article of County Commissioner Frank Gordon trashing the wine festival in Elma. The commissioner should be more professional with his language. Mr. Gordon does represent our county and his language is embarrassing if this is demonstrated at meetings with other government entities.

He should also know that no one works harder for our county businesses than Debbie and Paula at the Elma Chamber of Commerce; I volunteer there at times and know this to be true. Elma Chamber always buys from local businesses when they can, even for this festival that Commissioner Gordon is ‘mad’ at. I know of a lot more business traffic in Elma when the wine festival is in town, no matter where the festival is being held.

The fairgrounds is a great facility for a lot of events, not necessarily this one. I have been to events at the pavilion and personally it has odors that are not pleasant to a lot of patrons. I may be wrong, but don’t the tenants at Satsop Business Park pay taxes that help support Grays Harbor County?

I think Commissioner Gordon has a lot more Grays Harbor County problems to be ‘concerned’ about than where this event is held. I am disgusted that he wants to hold back funding for a very successful event because HE doesn’t like the location. Sounds like a spoiled child taking his toys home because the other kids don’t want to play by his rules. Silly!

Lorna Grube