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Coach Hill needs to take a look in the mirror

Dear Editor;

The column by David Haerle last week was well said regarding Elma football coach Jim Hill. I don’t have any skin in the game in Elma, but given your take on the recent school board meeting and Mr. Hill’s comments, I would hope the fans who do would take a long hard look and the caliber of coach they have in their football program. Mr. Hill’s past championships are just that, past. From the looks of things, his chances of even gaining a league title in the near future aren’t good.

He’s obviously an “old school” coach, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, he or any coach with any other program for that matter, had better take a look at their coaching style as it relates to today’s youth. Today’s athletes are different in their attitudes and the way they view things. A coach who doesn’t see and respond is going to have a difficult time of it. I don’t know how he acts around his players, but if it’s as you described in your article, I’m with you all the way in that I would not have let my son play football for him. Just because he’s the head coach doesn’t give him instant respect. That is something that must be earned every time he puts on the hat and jacket at practice and every Friday night. Acting like a 5 year old isn’t compatible with that.

Mr. Hill, take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself if even you would play for you given your actions at the recent school board meeting.

David Bielski