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Coach Hill is full of integrity

Dear Editor;

My mom used to tell me if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all. I have just a few issues with the sports column written by David Haerle i.n last week’s Vidette. It seems that he has a few of his facts wrong and I would like the opportunity to clarify them.

My son was one of “10”seniors on the Elma football squad last year. In fact, I have had two sons coached in the last seven consecutive seasons by Coach Jim Hill. I find the description of Coach Hill by Mr. Haerle to be quite different. Coach Hill cares deeply for the young men in this community and does not take less than their best effort. My two sons have learned responsibility, integrity, and teamwork, which are life skills instilled by Coach Hill. Most of all, we don’t always win, it is how you play the game.

As far as “Hill’s gang,” if you know anything about this community, you would know there are a lot of caring individuals that put in countless hours for our youth. Elma just happens to be caught in the downturn of the economy and had an aging stadium — a perfect storm. People are struggling, especially the folks on fixed incomes. It is nobody’s fault we are in this position. We need to move forward and brainstorm ideas to develop a plan. There are other communities that have had similar issues and have come together to solve problems. The Adna School District summoned volunteers and had a great deal of supplies donated. They ended up with a turf field and very nice grandstands mostly by volunteer effort. Maybe this is not a possibility here, but I know there is always a solution when all are willing to work together.

I also appreciate the school board. There are many members who have a long history and have worked extremely hard for the youth of this community. I am thankful for all these people in the Elma community that have put forth their best effort. They have invested time and effort into the youth of this community including my two sons for which I am eternally grateful.

Douglas Collin