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Capital Medical Center treated clinic patients, staff poorly

Thank you for the article that you wrote in The Vidette regarding the closure of the Clinic at Elma. Linda Wecker and myself started the clinic with the support of Capital Medical Center approximately 20 years ago. I retired from the clinic in May of 2011 but continued to work when needed to cover vacations. I received notice that the Clinic was closing by an automated phone call while visiting my sister in Atlanta the same day the clinic staff were notified. The staff had four days to close the clinic.

If they were planning this for over a year as Kalpana Martin is quoted why did they go to the time and expense in October to set up a computer medical records system for the clinic? Blaming it on Health Care Reform makes no sense as when it takes effect next year many more people will have insurance coverage and be looking for providers.

CEO Jim Geist of Capital Medical Center made no effort to inform the clinic staff or our clients about the closure. In fact, in the two-plus years he has been at Capital Medical Center, he has only visited the clinic on one occasion. We needed at least four weeks to properly close the clinic. The two clinics in Olympia refused several clients because of insurance issues and not wanting to deal with prescribing chronic pain medicine. As a designated rural health clinic we did not have the luxury of seeing only those clients with insurance as we were mandated to see anyone seeking services that we could provide.

I would like to thank Summit Pacific Medical Center for stepping in and taking many of our clients. I am sorry that our clients were treated so poorly by the administration of Capital Medical Center.

JoAnn Yost, ARNP