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Caldwell understands big ideas, deserves re-election

Dear Editor;

I urge you to support Chuck Caldwell for port commissioner. I have known Chuck for more than 50 years and have the greatest respect for him as a person as well as a business owner. He has been an enormous part of the growth and expansion for the Port of Grays Harbor during his 12 years as port commissioner.

Commissioner Caldwell’s opponent, Mr. Figler-Barnes, does not have any track record in regards to community service or implementing projects which would improve Grays Harbor’s economic development. Besides helping with a local soccer team, and belonging to a gem and geology group, the only community service he has done has been in Thurston County as is evident on his brochures. This is fine, but has it helped to improve Grays Harbor? Read the items on his “to do” list and you will see that every item he listed has already been tried by the Port or is being done at the moment. He has one agenda: Stop oil from coming to the port and his vision for diversification is a “seaport village” with a convention center (which we already have in Ocean Shores), a hotel (on Port property?) and bringing in cruise ships. Jobs associated with these are not living-wage jobs and as we saw the cruise ships that stopped at our Port did not bring the hoped for dollars into the community.

We want a commissioner with a bigger and more realistic vision for Grays Harbor, one who does not have an agenda and is willing to weigh all the facts before making a decision. In his 12 years as a port commissioner, Chuck Caldwell has proven himself to be able to confront any project idea, ask questions, and study the facts before coming to a conclusion. When he understands all the facts he makes his decision even if it means a “no.”

Please look at each candidate’s records and you will see who is the most qualified to be your port commissioner. Re-elect Chuck Caldwell.

Barbara Twidwell