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Area athletics needs to be about more than just winning

Area athletics needs to be about more than winning

Dear Editor;

It is time for the soccer moms and baseball moms (and dads) and parents with good hearts and common sense and good will towards all children stand up for our kids.

I am talking about organized sports.

I thought playing sports was supposed to be fun for the kids.

It was supposed to teach the children some fundamental life lessons.

1. How to interact with other children.

2. How to follow fundamental guidelines and learn the rules of the game.

3. How to be a good sport … a good loser, as well as a good winner.

4. How to function as a group and depend on other people within your group.

This is not what goes on today on the play fields of our children’s times.

Today it is about winning.

It is so about winning and the egos of the men coaching these teams that all the fun and joy of playing has been sucked out of playing, even for the good players.

I have witnessed so many games where the coach’s sons and daughters, or the better players on the field, are so stressed out and anxious that they throw tantrums when they miss a play or strike out.

I have watched the moderately talented kids sit on the bench half the game and be allowed to play only in the outfield when they are put in the game.

I have watched the not-so-good players sit and sit and sit and watch the game played before them as if they were invisible.

Worse yet, they were visible and it was apparent to everyone around them that they were not good enough to play with the other kids on their team.

I have seen coaches time and time again disregard the rules of the organizations in order to win.

I have witnessed children quit and go home in complete defeat, not from their opponent but from their own mentor and captain.

I am talking about children who aren’t even in their teens yet.

I am talking about 9-, 10-, 11- and 12-year-old children.

It is time to stop making our children feel like losers before they are even given a chance to play in the game.

The kids who are not getting equal time are in the majority!

It is time to give the game back to the kids!

Barbara Courneya


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