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Guest Opinion: Who is really in favor of the oil trains?

Are people being reasonable, or stupid? These oil proposals at “our” Port of Grays Harbor make me want to scream and throw rotten tomatoes.

It shouldn’t be so hard, and it shouldn’t require so much effort to stop something as evil, dangerous and destructive as this crude oil has proven to be — just in the last year. It is literally taking over our country, and rail shipping of foods has been put aside. This will have disastrous effects on food supply. Aren’t these “powers that be” reading the same literature and watching the same disasters unfold as the rest of us? Don’t they know this highly explosive oil is coming down the tracks through our communities to ruin our water, wreak havoc and cause disaster in the Port of Grays Harbor and on the last wild coastline in America. Can’t port commissioners and county commissioners and city councilmen and women read?

We, all need to wake up! We have hashed over the myriad of reasons the proposed 2.7 billion gallons yearly — crude oil by rail — should not come here. We have compiled statistics proving it’s a bad idea. We have shown informational power points on dangers of bringing this Bakken crude oil through communities. We have written letters to the editor. We have written to our congressmen. We have drawn pictures. We have made flyers and signs, T-shirts and buttons. We have put our hearts into this issue for all the right reasons. We have run a non-partisan candidate for port commissioner, now for county commissioner. We’ve made public comment — several times. We have gone door to door warning Grays Harbor that the sky is falling — metaphorically speaking, it is! Are we talking to the right people?

My gosh. It is overwhelming to think that we must garner the favor of the city council. Their mission is to provide safety for the people in their communities, to stop a disaster that shouldn’t have been started in the first place. Read your mission statements.

So, this isn’t about safety, health and jobs — the citizenry. This is political. This is money for big petroleum to frack North Dakota to death and make a bundle. No trickle down to us — here. We have to play their game — being reasonable, rational and polite. Our governor, our clean energy governor, needs to wake up and smell the roses. It’s perturbing that the process is so skewed against a simple human being, or a group of human beings, wanting to live in a safe, unpolluted environment, where lives aren’t at risk each time the train rolls by or the barge goes out to the tanker, crossing the second most dangerous bar on the West Coast. Think about that.

Guess we shouldn’t complain. Save it for the next forum, meeting, workshop, or that special Environmental Impact Statement, two-minute public commenting period offered by the Dept. of Ecology which can’t and doesn’t have an appropriate disaster response plan because it isn’t possible!

Do you realize how many “two-minute comments” must be organized to cover the scope of what is wrong with this idea of bringing 2.7 billion gallons of oil to the Port of Grays Harbor — yearly when EACH mile-long train will be carrying the same number of gallons of oil as was spilled in Valdez in 1989. You know how that went? We have much more to consider here than a spill. Much more!

It’s called destruction and destroy via the railroad which, by the way, isn’t required to reveal a plan! Isn’t this the foxes guarding the hen house, here folks? Where are our city councils? Where are our legislators? Where is the governor? Where are the mayors of every town these trains are coming through from the Bakken Shale in North Dakota to Grays Harbor through Centralia.

I call for a full moratorium on crude by rail until the citizens have answers to their questions.

Carol Seaman lives in Aberdeen and is adamantly opposed to the crude oil export facilities.