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Three cheers for Mayor Estes

I received a call from our mayor here in Montesano the other week. No – he wasn’t going to yell at me for an editorial recently written. Apparently a nice couple had turned off the highway and were taking in the sights of our little town when they noticed the steeple from the old church on Pioneer.

The building now houses our Chehalis Valley Historical Museum.

Standing in the clock tower of the courthouse they called City Hall to see what it was. Hey, we are a small town.

The call got to Mayor Ken Estes, (try that in a big city folks) who immediately started calling people associated with the museum to see if it could be opened up to let them in. I’m associated with the museum, so I was on the list.

I don’t know if he was able to get them in, but everyone associated with the place is more than happy to come down and give tours if available.

The museum is normally open weekends noon through 4 p.m.

The reason I am bringing this to the attention of everyone is simple. With all the talk lately of spending millions to make Montesano look like Port Townsend, it is the simple things that make a town a town.

This couple will leave our area and have the most wonderful story to tell.

A story of a small town, pretty, couple of things to see … but most of all a story about their interaction with the town mayor and how the people of the town went out of their way.

For them. Everyone they know will hear of it.


Try as we might to pretend we are something we are not with fancy trashcans, fake building facades and other recommendations to draw tourists into the town, in the end we have nothing to offer but ourselves and the town we have made. In my opinion people aren’t out driving to see one Port Townsend after another, they are out looking for uniqueness.

I don’t agree with Mayor Estes on all public policy issues. That is the nature of politics. However, I can not think of a better representative of our little town. In the end, isn’t that the most important function we can bestow on our mayor?

Thank you, Mayor Ken Estes for doing the right thing while nobody was looking. That is the kind of character that makes me proud of my city and my mayor.

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