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Satsop News: Traveling to Whidbey Island

Jim and I enjoyed our two days on Whidbey Island. It rained quite a bit the first day but the second day was very nice. I stopped at a lavender shop and got two new plants to add to my flower bed. I also got some good tips on pruning the plants in the fall. We had lunch with a classmate of Jim’s, Donna Rhodes, who lives at Oak Harbor. We were having such a good visit we almost missed the ferry back to Port Townsend. We got to the ferry landing two minutes before the ferry was to leave.

Tuesday, March 12, Jim and I and Tommi Halvorsen Gatlin drove to Forks to meet Pearl Lucken at her 100th birthday party put on by the Forks West End Historical Society. We also had to drive out to see the Beaver School. That is where Jim went to the first grade and we can’t go to Forks without stopping at the school. The school is closed but whoever owns it has kept it in good shape. A fun day trip even if it poured down rain the whole day. One funny addition to our trip to Forks. We stopped to use the restrooms at the visitor center in Forks. A car stopped there at the same time and out stepped a classmate of mine, Lonnie Yucka. He and his family live in Aberdeen and their daughter was visiting and they decided to take the drive around the loop. You never know when you will run into someone you know when you are traveling.

Mike and Arline Tobola enjoyed a fun weekend with their two grandsons, Oliver and Porter. During their visit they helped grandma pick out five baby chicks at the local feed store to add to grandma’s flock of chickens. Arline is also excited that her daughter, Patricia Case and two grandchildren, Madison and Hayden, from Pennsylvania are coming for a visit at the end of March. Several families from Satsop enjoyed the corned beef dinner Saturday at the Elma Methodist Church. We all ate by candlelight because parts of Elma lost their power for several hours.

Pastor K led the Sunday service at the Satsop Methodist Church. Cadie Nuxoll and Oliver Vandewark lit the candles. Tim and Cindy Nuxoll celebrated their anniversary and Dalton Combs put coins in for his brother Matt’s birthday and for grandparents Earl and Linda Wilder’s anniversary. The Satsop/Elma Choir sang the hymn “We Worship You.” Joys: Myrna Manier and Stephanie Parson arrived in Bolivia safely and are already sending emails home to share with us all that they do to help families there. I shared the joy of our fun trips to Whidbey Island and Forks. Red Tarman shared the joy that he and Barb had lunch with granddaughter, Liz, in Seattle. Prayers for Loleta Schneider who fell and broke a hip, Marlene Thele health problems and Barb Smith for health problems. Prayers for the Morey family in the loss of Beci Morey. Mark Carpenter and Dalton Combs collected the offering. Tami Combs collected the offering for Fifi and her family.

After meeting Pearl Lucken, here is my thought for the week:

“I don’t know what the big deal is about old age. Old people who shine from the inside look 10 to 20 years younger.”

Quote from Dolly Parton

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