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Satsop News: Start of school keeps everyone busy

Everyone seems to be getting ready for school to start and are busy shopping for school clothes and supplies, because no one has called me to give me any news about what is happening in Satsop.

I again skipped church so haven’t received any news from friends at church. Jim and I spent Thursday to Sunday camped in a field at the Toledo Thrashing Bee along with many others. The hay field looked like a large RV Park. We met several of our friends there from the Antique Farm Engine & Tractor Association. We had three motor homes, two travel trailers and two tents camped together.

During the day everyone walked around enjoying looking at all the vendors’ things for sale, checking out all the tractors and old stationary engines on display. Watching the tractor pull is always fun and seeing how the old thrashing machine works. I always enjoy just relaxing with some iced tea and a good book to read. Right next to the field where the thrashing bee is held is a small airport. All weekend, we watched sky divers come down from the sky and drift and land at the airport. But two sky divers didn’t make it to the airport and landed in the back corner of the field where we were camped. We watched them come down and knew they would have a long hike back to the airport so Jim told me to go pick them up and take them back. I did and it turned out to be a girl and a guy. The girl told us that her first parachute didn’t open right and she had to cut it loose and use her auxiliary parachute. I asked her if she was done skydiving after that happened. Oh no, she said it was really a fun experience. She is a fourth grade teacher in Kelso and will have lots to tell her new class when school starts. Both skydivers thanked me over and over for giving them a ride back to the airport so they didn’t have to walk. I told them I love watching them sky dive but I am a big chicken and there is no way I would ever do that. We had a fun weekend and look forward to next year’s thrashing bee. Next year should be a really good one as it will be there 50th anniversary.

Next weekend is Labor Day weekend. It’s the last big weekend before school starts. Enjoy the weekend and have a safe one.

Sunday, Sept. 8 is the Satsop School reunion. The reunion is conducted at the Satsop School and it is a potluck starting at 1 p.m. Questions? Call (360) 482-3793

My thought for the week: “Children have more need of models than of critics” — Carolyn Coats

Yvonne Borden is a regular contributor to The Vidette of news from the Satsop and Elma areas. She can be reached at (360) 482-3284.

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