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Satsop News: Quiet in the valley

It has been quiet around here in Satsop. I haven’t heard of any birthday or family dinners happening. Jim and I were invited out for dinner by our son, Jim, and his wife, Shawn, last Thursday. They said it was my birthday dinner. My birthday was last August so itwas nice to celebrate my birthday again. We met them at Little Creek Casino and enjoyed the special steak and lobster — aah, it was so good. Don’t get lobster very often.

Seeing the daffodils starting to show and new growth on the trees makes me want to do some yard work. Then I go outside and feel how cold it is and that stops me from doing any outside work. Each day gets a little better. The days are getting longer and spring is just around the corner. I love this time of year.

Saturday evening Jim and I went into the Elma Eagles Club for the steak and prawns dinner. They had a really good turnout that night. A lot of friends of Ken Drake came to surprise him for his birthday. They pulled a good one on Ken. He was really surprised. Happy 60th Ken. Wishing you many more joy-filled birthdays.

Pastor K led the service Sunday morning at the Satsop Methodist Church. Janet Whipple was out of town so we sang the hymns without a piano. Thank you Pastor K for picking out the ones all of us knew. Ollie Vandewark and Cadie Nuxoll lit the candles. Pastor K read the Scriptures. Prayers for Fern Osgood. Fern got very light headed during church and went into the fellowship hall where it was cooler. She returned after a short while and joined us for the rest of the service. I hope all is well with her and please keep her in your prayers. Prayers were asked for the family of Kitty Swenson, the family of Ernest Wadsworth and for Christy Doyle’s son who was burned in a fire and is at the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. I asked for prayers for our friends Larry and Jan Seaberg in the loss of their daughter to cancer. Again, the East Coast is being battered with snow. Prayers for everyone there who have lost power or have damage from this storm. Mark Carpenter and Dalton Combs collected the offering.

Dates to remember: Tuesday, Feb. 19 is the liver and onion or ham dinner at the Satsop Methodist Church from 4:30-7 p.m. Hope to see many of my readers there.

Sunday, after church, Jim and I drove to Ocean Shores to go to the antique show. We had a very nice day. Didn’t buy anything at the antique show but did have fun looking. We drove around Ocean Shores for a while and checked out all the hotels, motels and homes there. Every time I drive around there I think back to the ’50s when we would go clamming and there was nothing there but a few small homes or cabins. How it has changed. It was a fun day with no rain and a spot of blue sky now and then.

My thought for the week:

“Whether we call it a job, a

career or retirement, work is more than just something we do. It is part of who we are.”

Yvonne Borden is a regular contributor to The Vidette of news from the Satsop and Elma areas. She can be reached at (360) 482-3284.