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Satsop News: Fun at the Fair

Judy Prince hosted the Satsop Embroidery Club at her home on Thursday, Sept. 19. Bev Scott and Arline Tobola were both sick and unable to attend. A small explanation about the Satsop Embroidery Club: When it was started many years ago, the ladies did embroidery or small sewing projects. Today, we have 12 members and each month a member hosts lunch either at her home or in a local restaurant. We talk about our families, share recipes and discuss local and world problems and just catch up on what is happening in our lives. We get a new secret pal every December and give gifts for birthdays, holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. A thank-you to the nice man who called me and offered us embroidery thread and hoops. As I told him, we do not embroider but thank you for thinking of us and wanting to share.

Friday evening, I went to the Elma High School football game. What a game!! Proud of you boys, hanging in there until the last five seconds and winning the game. Win or lose, I am always proud to be a Eagle.

Saturday, Jim and I hosted my class (EHS class of 1959) picnic at our home. The weather was great and there were 25 classmates and guests enjoying a delicious potluck. So much fun to catch up on the lives of classmates and hear how everyone is doing. Discussion on where to hold our 55-year reunion in 2014. We all agreed it is hard to believe we have been out of school this many years.

Sunday, my granddaughter, Danielle Lott, and I drove to Puyallup for the fair. Rain, rain and more rain, but we still had a good time. By the time we left my feet were wet and my back was aching. I really enjoyed seeing all the animals and the beautiful quilts, but the best was the two mama pigs and their baby pigs. That has always been one of my favorite things to see at the Puyallup Fair.

Satsop Methodist Church news. Thanks to Myrna Manier for sending me the news since I skipped church to go to the fair.

Cadie Nuxoll and Mason Boyce lit the candles. Prayers for healing for Arline Tobola and Terry. I also would like to have prayers for healing for a classmate of mine, Gene Cox. Joys shared: Mark and Francine Carpenter took son, Frank, back to Central Washington University to get settled in for the year. Dick and K Bramstedt enjoyed the Grays Harbor Showcase tour. The offering was collected by Mark Carpenter and Dalton Combs.

My thought for the week: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” — from Michael Jordan

Yvonne Borden is a regular contributor to The Vidette of news from the Satsop and Elma areas. She can be reached at (360) 482-3284.