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Embrace technology, resistance is futile

My mailbox this week was overwhelmingly trending toward not what you might suspect. No, nothing about the pending major issues facing us here in the little town of Montesano. The comments and concerns were addressing what I considered to be a non-issue — the announcement, recently, that The Daily World would be going to a three-day-a-week delivery.

“About time,” I was thinking when the announcement hit my eyes. Let me explain. Us old codgers resist change. There is something warm and familiar about holding the paper and folding the pages. We grew up with it. A game change move to reflect the changing times and the way people receive their news has been coming for quite a while now.

The Daily World is important to us. We are lucky to have our Vidette — very lucky — and with the combination of The Daily World we have a lifeline between all of us in the county. As the only major media that touches all of us here, their health affects you. The major markets in the Sound don’t pay that much attention to us over here.

The future is news and community information delivered across many fronts. While some out there reading this “don’t want nuttin’ to do with those darn computers” — well, wake up. Frankly, we pretend to think it’s quaint standing behind you at the grocery store check out line while you fumble with writing a check and are holding up the line. Let me speak for everyone out there that just won’t say it. “It’s called an ATM card. Look into it.”

Computers are not going anywhere, nor is technology going to start moving backward.

It isn’t just computers. It is now cell phones and tablets. News today travels so very much faster than only 10 years ago. By the time a story hits the pages of a daily newspaper, it has already been announced, dissected, discussed and rebutted on Twitter, Facebook, and a dozen other media delivery sites. The newspapers — by cutting the chord with out-of-date print delivery — are able to bring you so very much more, so very much faster. Let’s say there is an article on farming in the newspaper. An advertiser who sells farm equipment can place an ad directly on the article. For that matter, you could do a search for other farming articles and narrow it down to specifically apply to you.

Change is scary. I was completely against the switching over from library card catalogs to computerbased library research 30 years ago. Those of you over 50 years old will know what I am talking about. Now, can anyone honestly think going back to searching for library information via handwritten cards is efficient? Of course not. I can imagine the look on a young person’s face right now reading this — “What is this guy talking about?”

Both The Daily World as well as The Vidette have, in my opinion, created one of the easiest to use and view website news delivery systems out there. This stuff isn’t cheap to do, or do right, and reflects a long-range commitment to the area.

Things are, indeed, changing. I, for one, look forward to both papers new abilities to stay more current with breaking stories that just isn’t possible with the old-fashioned advanced deadline to print model. Audio, video, and more are now possible blending the line between a traditional newspaper, radio and television.

And for those of you who are still grumbling, you can always hit the print button and make your own traditional newspaper. Sorry, no sympathy here.

On behalf of everyone out there that is looking forward to the great new systems that are coming, thank you to The Daily World and The Vidette.

Tom Frederiksen is a Montesano resident and blogger. Contact him at

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