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Elementary student asks, ‘Why is this state in favor of marijuana so much?’

My parents tell me not to state my opinions too much about politics. In fact, I never have in my articles. And I may lose a lot of readers after this, because I have very strong opinions. Brutally honest, I am, but I won’t apologize for what I am about to say about these touchy subjects.

And I begin with pot, since I’m tired of hearing about it, and my way of disapproving is to write about it myself!

I am very aware that legalizing pot in Washington will create some jobs and tax money, but the cost to us as a whole will be more than what we gain. The legalization of marijuana was mainly allowed to pass to put tax on it. In my very brutally honest, strong opinion, this will cause more harm than good.

In Washington, taxing us is important to our government leaders’ plans, and money is constantly being pulled from our wallets for the most trivial things. Drugs are terrible, and in this day and age who doesn’t know that drugs hurt you?

I am disgusted and embarrassed by the potheads in our state, and us being one of the only two states that has legalized marijuana. I fail to understand why we are allowing the ability to increase addiction, increase harm to users and allow for more mental instability.

Why are we giving the impression to Washington’s kids that “drugs are okay, pot is only a plant, it’s natural, so it can’t hurt you that bad? Why is the message that it’s medicine so maybe it can help me?”

Drugs, in general, are absolutely ridiculous and revolting to me! I’m sorry; I’m a very conservative person.

Second strong opinion! Influences on young Americans!

I am disgusted by artists such as Beyonce and Eninem, but so many of my classmates watch their filthy videos and listen to their X-rated songs. Beyonce is hurting young girls and disgusted is my word of the day!

On to national politics. I know more about the government than many adults, unfortunately. Brace yourself. The interview with Zach Galifianakis and President Barack Obama was desperate. President Obama has more important things to deal with than an attempt at getting young Americans to get on Obamacare. What about the national debt? If the country keeps printing currency and going deeper in debt, then money will lose its worth.

Then things get more expensive! I can’t stand the people who take advantage of the system and live on food stamps and money provided by the government when they don’t need it. Okay, politics out of the way, but I figured it was time for an opinion-driven article. Let’s move on to positive things, please.


Recently, I went to an ASB meeting at school because I am the alternate representative for my class (I didn’t become one in an honorable way. I just guessed the right number). I’ve never been to one before and when I walked into the meeting all my confidence drained away and I turned from the tallest person in the room (even taller than the ASB advisor I’m so afraid of in her high heels) to the smallest. My palms were sweaty and I was really nervous.

When Kathryn the secretary relayed her records, I barely got any notes and I had so many questions about what we were discussing and objections, but I was too shy to say anything. I know. Me, shy? You just read about some pretty strong opinions. I know. But it’s different when I’m writing. Darn it! It really stunk. I thought my plans of running for president next year were demolished because there was no way I could gain confidence to speak my mind and express my ideas.

But, now, I’d like Meghan, our really real representative, to be absent those days so I can get more experience in ASB. Who knows? If I do actually run for President next year, I’ll make the most of my campaign posters (yes! My priority!). Annually, we do a penny drive for leukemia patients, and included in that I would love for all the students to make individual get well cards for the kids at St. Jude’s and St. Peters.

Knowing that someone cares is just as important as the treatment, and I think that making cards provides a deeper understanding of what the parents and the kids go through. Collecting pennies alone, to me, is not enough. If we all made cards we could have more than 300 for all of the child cancer patients. And, along with the cancer charity, I’d like it if we could somehow create a charity drive for the track chairs and the Fisher House, along with Wounded Warriors. The track chairs allow veterans who have lost their mobility to go on any terrain, such as to hunt.

They’re absolutely amazing and donating to Fisher House and Wounded Warriors is something I definitely plan to do. The rest of my plans are in the making.

Julieanna Chilman lives in Brady. She is a fifth-grader at Simpson Elementary in Montesano, and is interested in art and marine biology. Contact her by emailing the editor at