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Cheers & Jeers

Cheers to the Elma Chamber of Commerce for organizing a successful Heat on the Street, which drew 240 entries and brought hundreds more spectators to Elma for a tourist-friendly event.

Cheers to the Grays Harbor County Fair, for drawing a record-breaking crowd of 65,641 and drawing class-act entertainment like Dan Whyms, who despite living in McCleary and touring across the world, played his local fair for the very first time.

Jeers to Grays Harbor Transit for taking the easy way out and eliminating all weekend runs. Considering how many buses run between Hoquiam and Aberdeen each weekday — every half-hour, with even more service when you include in the daily Ocean Shores runs — that carry few passengers at best, it seems those routes could have been easily pared down to preserve weekend routes to outlying areas such as Olympia, East County, Westport and Ocean Shores. It’ll be up to the voters in November to decide if they want to restore services with a sales tax increase.

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