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Cheers & Jeers

Cheers to Hospital District Chairman Brent Meldrum, who celebrated his last meeting this month. Meldrum worked hand in hand with Summit Pacific CEO Renee Jensen and oversaw the creation of the new hospital in Elma. You’ll still see Meldrum in the Elma community, where he works and lives. The next board chairman, as well as the entire hospital district, has some very difficult decisions coming up, including what to do with the old Mark Reed facilities and whether to “affiliate” with a larger hospital like Grays Harbor Community Hospital did. Cheers to the McCleary Chamber of Commerce for stepping up and trying to find a way to keep the city’s museum open. The city decided to cut the $3,000 line item that funded the museum’s utilities. Chamber President Pauline Martin says the chamber plans to look for private donors to pick up that bill.

Jeers to the road levy shift. We can’t really find anyone outside of county government who actually likes the idea of the the road levy shift, a property tax hike put in place by a majority of the county commissioners. It was supposed to be temporary and here it is three years later. If you don’t work for the county — and you like the road levy shift — let us know why you do.