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Simpson Says: The Story of Corey

From left, Beverly Cornell, Joe Cornell and Corey, Simpson School’s official mascot.
From left, Beverly Cornell, Joe Cornell and Corey, Simpson School’s official mascot.

There is a mystery around Simpson School that we were asked to investigate. Simpson has a mascot and his name is Corey. Corey is a rag doll who mostly hangs out in Mrs. Norelius’ (our school counselor) office.

Mrs. Norelius provided us with the background story. She told us about a “Corey” pencil problem: Joe and Beverly Cornell, Aberdeen residents who generously donate supplies to schools all around Grays Harbor, including Simpson, had an abundance of pencils with the name “Corey” stamped on them. The Cornells called and asked if we needed supplies. After that, they brought in at least a thousand pencils to Simpson Elementary. Mrs. Norelius, then, had a brilliant plan; she wanted to design Corey and make him!

She told us how she came up with the idea to make Corey. When Mrs. Norelius was younger, there were dolls called Raggedy Ann and Andy. The dolls have strings of hair and stuffed legs and arms. Raggedy Andy dolls are very different from Barbie dolls.

Mrs. Norelius also said that before the old Simpson School was torn down, the sixth-grade students stuffed messages into Corey. The messages reminded the future students of Simpson School to be kind and respectful to others.

“Corey has all those messages in his little body,” said Mrs. Norelius.

We interviewed Mrs. Norelius to find out more about Corey. The first question we asked was: “How many years has Corey been here?”

Mrs. Norelius thought for a moment, then she said, “Corey has been here about seven years.” She added, “Corey represents the word of the month.” As we wrote that fact down, Mrs. Norelius said, “I usually take Corey to places all around Montesano and take pictures of him.” She took the pictures out and showed them to us. “I let the students guess where he is,” added Mrs. Norelius.

Finally, more about the generous couple that gives instead of taking. The Cornells make sure kids have what they need: supplies, clothes, and other things needed for school. They are very kind people. They love children. Due to their actions, many students have been well supplied for their school year, and our school mascot, “Corey” (who represents kindness and caring for others) was born!