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Satsop School News: Fall festival is Oct. 31

October has been good at school, but it’s not quite over. We have recently finished our fall fundraiser, and the kids did a super job. They sold a lot of items and made this one of our most successful fundraisers. Those salesmen deserve thanks from all of us, as their work helps provide funding for field trips. Many of our readers also need to be thanked, as you made the sales possible.

Much to the delight of our students, we will be having a Harvest Carnival during the afternoon of Oct. 31. This event is traditionally planned and executed by the sixth-graders and is one of the highlights of the year. What could be better than costumes, games and candy? Parents and younger siblings are also able to come.

Since I last wrote, several more children have earned the “Caught Being Good” award. Those boys and girls are: Canon Seaberg, Miley Seaberg, Hunter Clements, Parker Watrous, Levi Clements, Katie Pacheco and Bailey Lusher. Each of these students has done something special that makes our time here more pleasant. We really appreciate them.

The Satsop School Cancer Erasers are gearing up for our annual swag construction and swag sale, but we are running into a bit of difficulty. Our source of Noble Fir is nearly depleted, so we thought we would appeal to our readers to see if some could be located. We don’t cut trees down, we just lop off some branch ends. If you might be able to help us, please call us at (360) 482-5330. Also, if you want to order a swag please call the same number.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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