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Montesano superintendent receives pay raise

Montesano School District Superitendent Dan Winter didn’t just get a contract extension, but also a raise during the June 26 Montesano School Board meeting.

Winter, who has been been the Montesano Superintendent for three years, had not been given a raise since his hiring and board member Steve Poler recomended a 3 percent increase to Winter’s Salary. Winter’s salary was set at $118,500 and with the increase of $3,555 the total will be $$122,055.

“In the three years that Dan has been here, he has done a good job in building the climate and culture up,” Poler said in an interview with The Vidette. “I felt like that was a really valuable thing for us. Just ultimately we like what we are seeing, we think the academics are moving in the right direction.”

Poler conducted an evaluation of Winter that was also presented at the meeting on June 26. Poler said it was normal proceedure to extend the Superintendent’s contract for one year so Winter’s contract will remain three years in length.

The board voted unanimously to both extend the contract and accept the 3 percent raise.