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Montesano and Tacoma School districts enter into agreement to educate deaf student

The Montesano School District board agreed to enter into an interdistrict agreement with the Tacoma School District during the June 26 board meeting to educate a deaf student in the Montesano district. District Superintendent Dan Winter said the student would be transported to Tacoma each day and would be able to have a more immersive educational experience by interacting with other deaf students that Montesano would not be able to provide.

“It is a program for deaf students that we just are not able to provide,” Winter said in an interview with The Vidette. “We tried, but it is just not an appropriate placement, where as the student could go to Tacoma and be with other students and learn sign language and be socially ingrained. It is a young student who needs that environment right now.”

Winter said the contract is very standard with the Tacoma School District receiving $275 an hour for its services. The two school districts will have to enter into an agreement each year as they wish to continue to work to educate the student. Winter said his goal is to establish a program in Montesano that would be able to educate the student, but that service may be three or more years in the future.