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Great class sizes at Satsop School this year

I have thought many times about getting some news out to Vidette readers, but it seems I always let the deadline slip away with how busy September gets.

Our year has started off well, with all three classes at a perfect size, and we are off and running on a great year. Most of our staff remains the same, but our custodian of 11 years, Harry Burke, has been replaced by Vincent Reese.

Our teachers work hard making sure that the students receive proper instruction, but the best learning/memories during the student’s school years come through field trips. Just ask your own children what they remember most from school, and it will probably be the field trips. Just last week Mrs. Hendrick took her 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students to the Puyallup Fair. That is an annual event which everyone looks forward to. Several parents went along and that is always useful. Thanks for your help, parents.

Once again this year we are recognizing students that do a super job of being helpful around our school. They will receive a “Caught Being Good” award at our Friday assembly. The students that have gotten chosen so far are: Brook Winters, Canon Seaberg, Miley Seaberg, Daylan Eaton, Bridget Treece, Tyler Keith and Lincoln Rosenlund. Congratulations, students!

Well, it’s time for this to be off to the paper, and for me to get back to the classroom!

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