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Elma High fetes its top 10 grads

1. Abby Williams

Parents: Tom Williams and Suzanne Thietje of Tumwater.

Honors/school activities/clubs: Honor Society, student represetative to school board.

Athletics: Fall dance/drill team (captain & choreographer).

Plans upon graduating: She will attend Oregon State to major in political science.

2. Tyson Nauman

Parents: Tim and Kayleen Nauman of Elma.

Honors/school activities/clubs: Basketball, piano, knitting club, skiing, wakeboarding.

Athletics: Basketball and track.

Plans upon graduating: Serve on a Morman mission and then attend BYU.

3. Hannah Heelan

Parents: Bill and Sonja Heelan of Elma.

Honors/school activities/clubs: Honor society, ASB leadership.

Athletics: Soccer, winter dance/drill team, dance class.

Plans upon graduating: She will attend Pacific Lutheran University.

4. Sydney Smythe

Parents: Brad and teri Smythe of Elma.

Honors/school activities/clubs: ASB leadership, Honor Society, dance.

Athletics: Soccer, basketball and softball.

Plans upon graduating: She will be attending Pacific Lutheran University, where she has been awarded conditional admission into its nursing program.

5. Taryn Farrar

Parents: Liz Farrar of Elma and Chip Farrar of Montesano.

Honors/school activities/clubs: Honor Society, Running Start at GHC, dance.

Athletics: Fall dance/drill team, basketball.

Plans upon graduating: She plans to attend South Puget Sound Community College to finish prerequisites and then hopes to study radiology at either Wenatchee Valley College or Spokane Community College.

6. Julian Hernandez

Parents: German Hernandez of Elma and Monic Hernandez of Superior, Montana.

Honors/school activities/clubs: Media club.

Athletics: Soccer.

Plans upon graduating: He will attend Western Washington University with plans on becoming a teacher.

7. Ryan Collin

Parents: Douglas and Chris Collin.

Honors/school activities/clubs: Fishing, skiing and knitting club.

Athletics: Football and basketball.

Plans upon graduating: He plans to attend George Fox University to study civil engineering.

8. Sabrina Rathbun

Parents: Marnie and Christopher Rathbun of Elma.

Honors/school activities/clubs: Civil Air Patrol, photography, piano, Running Start, art, gardeneing, horseback riding and stduying asian cultures. She works for Harbor After School.

Athletics: Track & Field and cross country.

Plans upon graduating: She will be studying abroad this summer in Leon, Spain, through UW, which she will be attending. She will be a pre-med student working toward her M.D. with a specialty in emergency medicine She will minor in business and East Asian studies. She hopes some day to open a practice in Japan and work with the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders.

9. Susana Martinez Lopez

Parents: Nieves Lopez and Macario Martinez of Elma.

Honors/school activities/clubs: Honor Society.

Plans upon graduating: She will attend Grays Harbor College and plans on going into the medical field.

10. Ashley Cole

Parent: Kathy Cole of Elma.

Honors/school activities/clubs:


Plans upon graduating: She plans on attending Grays Harbor College and then trnasferring to a yet-decided university.