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Dr. Seuss Read Across America Challenge inspires kids at Beacon

As teachers and students focus on completing many tasks this school year, staff are also focused on preparing for the next school year, which begins in September. This week we are registering students for kindergarten and preschool who will begin in September. To be eligible for kindergarten, a student must be 5 years of age before Sept. 1, 2014. Registration forms are available online or at the Beacon Elementary office. To complete registration, a parent must submit all the required forms and provide a copy of immunization records and a copy of a legal birth certificate. Parents who complete registration this week will have priority regarding class and session placement. This week is also the open-enrollment period for the limited spots for 4-year-olds in the Beacon preschool. To be eligible a child must be 4 years of age by Sept. 1. Parents must complete forms as well as provide a shot record and a copy of a legal birth certificate. There is a tuition charge for community students who attend preschool.

Before spring break, students at Beacon completed the Dr. Seuss Read Across America Challenge. Reading at home, students logged a total of 68,309 minutes. This equals 1,138 hours of reading! The top reading class was Mrs. Blanca’s third-grade class at 8,410 minutes. The top reading class for kindergarten was Ms. Connolly’s class at 5,139 minutes, for first grade was Mrs. LaLonde’s class at 4,167minutes, and for second grade was Mrs. Johansen’s class at 5,828 minutes. Repeated practice is often the key to students being successful, independent readers. Our goal is for students to read daily for 20 minutes at home. Practicing needed skills can make a huge difference for students. In addition, turning off electronic devices can provide time for reading practice.

The PTO is sponsoring a day of fitness on May 10. This is in conjunction with a focus on fitness during P.E. at school. Students are also using their recess time to log in laps and miles as part of the challenge. The PTO is looking for new officers for next year. If you are interested in serving on the PTO board, contact either elementary principal.

Due to weather-related closures, school will be in session on May 30. The last day of school will be June 16. The first day of school next year will be Sept. 2.