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Celebrating 100 days of school at Beacon

According to the kindergarten teachers, Feb. 12 was the 100th day of school. This was a day when you may see students carrying bags of 100 items to class. Students bring things such as marshmallows, raisins, Legos, pennies and whatever creative minds can find to fit into baggies. While such activities may seem cute, there is a serious purpose behind them. Teachers look for ways to engage students in activities that relate goals to everyday experiences. In this case, understanding and relating to the meaning of 100 is a significant math goal. In math and reading, young children learn best through experiences related to their everyday lives.

In the newly adopted Common Core State Standards, counting to 100 by ones and tens in kindergarten is a goal. As required by the state, Common Core standards need to be implemented in all grades in the 2014-2015 school year. Implementing the standards requires teachers to align instructional practice with the new state goals. That is why training days for staff such as this Friday, Feb. 14, are vital in helping our school make the transition to the standards. Time is spent on training days and in workshops throughout the year to acquaint staff with what must be done to help students to be successful in achieving the standards. Beginning in the spring of 2015, students in the elementary grades will be taking a new test to measure their progress in meeting the new standards.

Last week, Ronald McDonald visited Beacon. Ronald performed at an assembly to promote friendship skills and teach students how to deal with bullies. Students and the principal were able to participate with Ronald and be part of the show. The show included music and magic, as well as many laughs and a meaningful message.

This week, students in kindergarten and third grade presented at our combined Presidents Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day assembly. Students performed for parents and students in all grades. The assembly began with a color guard from the Sons of the American Revolution. Students sang songs, performed a choral reading and a lively rap. Several students from Mrs. Fischback’s and Mrs. Blancas’ class read from Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. The assembly concluded with all students singing “We Shall Overcome.”

School will be in session on March 14 and May 30, as they are weather makeup days in the school calendar. Open enrollment for next year’s preschool and kindergarten is scheduled for the week of April 21-25. The last day of school is currently scheduled for Monday, June 16.