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Beacon Briefs School News

During the month of October, students at Beacon participate in the annual Great Pumpkin Reading Challenge. In each classroom, students record the number of minutes they read or are read to at home each day. The number of minutes is recorded on a pumpkin-shaped paper and then added to the classroom pumpkin patch. If the class reaches its reading minutes goal by the end of the reading challenge, it will earn a popcorn-reward party.

While the activities during the reading challenge can be fun, the purpose of the challenge is serious.

It has been said students only learn to read by reading. That is to say you only get better through practice. The more a student practices reading, the better reader he or she will become. One of the primary goals we have for all students is the ability to read fluently with comprehension by the end of third grade. To that end, we encourage all students to engage in reading practice whenever possible. We hope parents will help their children and support them during the reading challenge.

ScootPad use

ScootPad is an online resource available to students and families that can be accessed at school or at home. ScootPad offers a wide variety of age-appropriate reading and math activities in a colorful interactive format. At school, staff may assign specific ScootPad learning activities. At home, a child may complete an assigned activity or they may choose from the various options in reading or math. Teachers use ScootPad to individualize instruction in specific skills. Students must demonstrate proficiency on a level before they can access the next level. ScootPad automatically records a child’s score on an individual task. Teachers can view these scores to help guide the next instructional steps. Information that will guide parents in setting up an account was sent home last week.

New records database

This year, the Montesano School District transitioned to a new database called Skyward to maintain student records.

There is a Family Access feature that parents may use to pay for lunches, excuse absences and change information, such as an address or phone number. As the use of the database develops, staff will be able to send notices electronically rather than sending home paper copies. The login link to Skyward is located on the Montesano School District website at

Family Fun Night

The first Family Fun Night will be Halloween Costume Bingo. Bingo begins at 7 p.m. on Oct. 23 at Simpson Elementary School. There will be bingo, prizes and snacks. All Family Fun Night activities are free. Activities are funded by the PTO through the fundraisers that are held each fall.

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