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$1.1M sought after school bus runs over woman

MONTESANO — The woman who was hit by a school bus last December has filed a $1.1 million claim for damages against the Montesano School District, according to a report by KIRO 7 news.

“The doctors in Harborview said I was a walking miracle and they didn’t know why I was alive. I had three brain bleeds. At first they thought I would not make it because of the brain bleeds,” Mary Bryan, 72, told KIRO.

Bryan told the broadcaster she is angry that the school bus driver is still on the job.The driver was fined $176 for the incident, according to KIRO.

“So she’s still driving bus? She’s still driving school buses. Well what if I was one of those little kids getting off her school buses and got hit? I would now be dead. I’m a big person,” said Bryan.

Superintendent Dan Winter told KIRO, “The district has the confidence in her ability to make sure that kids get to and from school safely.”