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Vidette featured on Jay Leno’s ‘Headlines’ segment

It could have been worse. Jay Leno could have mocked a random typo found in The Vidette.

Instead, during the June 10 airing of “The Tonight Show,” the late night star mocked a picture of barber Ernie Hayes cutting the hair of Bob Oien.

The segment was part of Leno’s famous “Headlines” segment, where readers submit oddball articles and funny typos to “The Tonight Show.” Someone submitted The Vidette’s story on Hayes, who retired May 29 after 30 years in business on Pioneer Avenue in Montesano.

“One last haircut with Ernie,” Leno says, reading the headline of the article. “After 30 years, Ernie Hayes is closing up his shop.”

The camera then goes in for a close up of the photo, which shows Hayes shaving away at the head of Oien, an Elma resident. The side of the head is shaved and the top is down in front of Oien’s eyes as Hayes takes a careful look at where he’ll cut next.

But the punchline was there with Leno assuming the photo was the finished product.

“I guess I can see why that’s the last haircut,” Leno says, then placing his hands in the air as if trying to back away from a pretend barber. “You know. Ernie that’s fine. Thanks, Ernie.”

Vidette Editor Steven Friederich, who took the photo, said that Oien loved the haircut after it was finished and had nothing but amazing things to say about Hayes. Hayes is in Spokane, says Jim Lipps, who took over the barber shop.

“My wife actually was up late and ended up watching the segment,” Lipps said. “She was laughing as all of a sudden there was The Vidette. There was Ernie. It was great. I think he’ll have a great attitude about all of this.”

“I’ve looked at that photo before and never thought about it, but it is actually funny once you think about it,” he added.

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