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Raises for Port of Grays Harbor leadership

The Port of Grays Harbor commissioners on Tuesday approved an 8.26 percent raise for Executive Director Gary Nelson, citing exemplary work over the past year that contributed to a big increase in Port activity. Nelson’s salary was increased to $181,704 from $166,701, a $15,003 annual raise.

Nelson received a 9 percent raise last year. Before his January 2013 raise, he was making $152,940.

“I think one of the things I’ve learned over the years is how difficult it is to do what we’ve done without having the right people in place,” Commissioner Chuck Caldwell said. “Gary, I think what you’ve done is have those people in the right place, and it means a lot to the people of Grays Harbor and it means a lot to me.”

Other administrative staff members received raises, negotiated individually with Nelson.

Deputy Executive Director Leonard Barnes received an 8.26 percent raise. His 2014 salary is $138,750, up from $127,293, an $11,457 increase.

Finance Director Mary Nelson received a 6.54 percent increase, raising her salary from $115,414 to $123,493. It adds $8,079 in 2014.

The rest of the Port staff has not yet negotiated its 2014 compensation. Commissioner Jack Thompson praised the work of Nelson and all the Port staff.