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Prove that there’s been huge fish kills on our coast due to ocean conditions

Prove that there’s been huge fish kills

Dear Editor;

In response to Ed Johnstone’s column, “Being Frank,” about ocean conditions, I am one who goes to our beaches, both North Beach and South Beach, with regularity. I challenge him to document any large fish kills on our coast. He states, “Low oxygen levels are becoming common place, leaving thousands of dead fish, crab and other forms of sea life lining our beaches.” I say this is ridiculous. It sounds like it comes directly from the “big city” environmentalist propaganda Bible. I have it on good authority, our ocean coasts are in the best condition they have been in for 25 years of study. For example, just look at the abundance of razor clams at our beaches. Articles like this belong in a joke book, not in The Vidette.

Ralph Larson