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Oakville dispensary robbers weren’t caught on camera

Oakville dispensary robbers weren’t caught on camera

A robbery at the Green Harbour Medical Marijuana Co-Op in Oakville occurred in the only area of the store that didn’t have cameras. In addition, when the Sheriff’s Office deployed its police dog immediately after the robbery occurred on April 8, the dog couldn’t find a scent to track, officials with the Sheriff’s Office said.

And, days after the incident, there were no leads and no suspects.

A carefully worded press update by Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate describes the case as a “reported robbery.”

“While there are a number of surveillance cameras in the business, the owner is claiming there were no cameras in the area of the back door — where the suspects apparently entered — and the room where the safe was located,” Shumate wrote.

The owner of the co-op told deputies that two masked individuals came up behind him as he was opening the business. One of them allegedly stuck an object in his back. The suspects told him to retrieve money and marijuana products from the safe. While the owner never saw a gun, he believed the item being shoved into his back was a firearm.

After receiving an undisclosed amount of money and marijuana products, the two individuals fled north on foot.