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Monte Council swears in Salzer

Montesano City Councilwoman Marisa Salzer was sworn in by city Senior Deputy Clerk Kim Schankel, while Brenda House, a certified sign language interpreter, signs the oath to Salzer.

Salzer said she was honored to have been sworn into public office.

“I may not hear as well as some of you, but I promise I will listen,” she said.

Salzer ran unopposed for the council position, which was first occupied by Rocky Howard. When Howard resigned to take the city’s public works director position, Doug Streeter was appointed to the seat. Streeter chose not to seek election to retain the seat, citing a busy schedule with work at the Grays Harbor PUD and his personal life. By state law, Salzer had to be sworn into office as soon as the election was certified by the state, which was done last week. A Montesano High School graduate, Salzer is a former paginator and legals clerk for The Vidette, where she worked for five years.

She now works for the Coastal Community Action Program in Aberdeen, helping developmentally disabled adults find and retain jobs. Along with husband Jerrod Salzer, the 33-year-old has a blended family of three kids. Salzer says she’d like to spend time on the council working to restore old buildings and develop the city’s historic character.