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Monte City Council approves sale of former shop building for $95k

The Montesano City Council approved the sale of its old mechanics building Tuesday night to Aberdeen business owners, who hope to use it for storage.

The sale was approved on a 6-1 vote for $95,000 and consists of just the former shop building at 301 S. River Street in Montesano. The old public works building on Wynooche Ave E. was not part of the deal and remains for sale.

The council had previously wanted to sell both buildings together, but was willing to break the sale apart to accommodate the latest deal.

Michelle and Dennis Bemis of Central Park put the offer on the former shop building. Michelle says they own Traffic Control Co., Inc, which provides flaggers for construction projects and conducts certified training opportunities.

“For us, the building is just perfect for our storage needs,” Michelle said. “It’s convenient and right off the freeway. … We’re really looking forward to putting part of our business in Montesano.”

The sale of the building has not yet closed. The closing date is expected to happen by March 24 if not sooner, according to documents provided by the city.

Documents provided by the city show that the business had offered $80,000 on the building. The city wanted $110,000 and both parties settled on $95,000, as approved by the city council. The deal has been in the works for about a month now.

The original offer also would have made the city of Montesano legally responsible for environmental contaminations incurred previous to the sale. But that portion was stricken from the final deal.

The sale was approved after a closed-door executive session, where council members discussed the terms of the sale.

Councilman Tyler Trimble was the only one to vote against the deal. Trimble said he thought the city could have other uses for the property and shouldn’t sell it.

Councilwoman Pam McElliott countered that the whole point in selling the property was to take the money and help pay down the city’s new public works building near Beacon Park.

The former shop building and land was valued by the Grays Harbor Assessor’s Office at $280,045 and the former public works building and land was valued at $182,815. A deal valued at $175,000 for both properties. fell apart in January.

“I think it’s a good deal for the city and we’ll be marketing the other property now, as well,” City Administrator Kristy Powell said, hoping to have some “good news” to announce soon.