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Monte’s old public works buildings back on the market

MONTESANO — The old Public Works buildings are going back on the market after a deal with a local doctor fell through.

Last fall, the Montesano City Council had approved a $175,000 sale of the old public works building and former shop building.

Dr. Grant Jackson and Kerry Peterson had agreed to purchase the buildings, but pulled out of the arrangement. They rescinded the purchase and sale agreement on Jan. 8.

Peterson told The Vidette that they were having difficulty getting a loan to purchase both buildings. It may have been different had there been just one building, she noted. The costs were getting to be too much to actually renovate the buildings the way they want,’ she said.

“It was not a feasible price for everything we needed to do,” she said.

The good news, she noted, is that the doctor was able to get better rental terms on their current space and have no plans to leave their current office in Montesano.

Montesano Mayor Ken Estes says the plan is to try to find another buyer.

Before the city agreed to sell the buildings to Jackson and Peterson, developer Paul Willis had put a $175,000 bid for the land and buildings, but rejected the terms of the city’s deal.

The deal required the purchaser to tear down and dispose of the storage building on the south end of the property, which is on railroad property leased by the city. In addition, the new owners would have to apply for a vacation of the city streets between the buildings.

The former shop building and land was valued by the Grays Harbor Assessor’s Office at $280,045 and the former public works building and land was valued at $182,815.

At one point, Senior Center officials looked at taking over the building — with the city practically giving it to them — but opted against that plan because of the high costs associated with renovating the building to include a kitchen and heat.