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McCleary Public Works Director on leave

McCleary Public Works Director Nick Bird remains on administrative leave, although McCleary Mayor Gary Dent won’t say why exactly or when exactly Bird was put on leave.

Two public records requests with the city of McCleary turned up just one document Dent sent to Bird on Dec. 5. That memo, titled “Employment Status” states to Bird: “Based upon comments that have been made to me, you apparently have misunderstood my direction to you. I am reaffirming that you are not to return to your position as Director of Public Works for the City of McCleary until you hear otherwise from me.”

Dent confirmed that he was upset that Bird was giving budget ideas at council meetings without his approval, but declined to comment further on the situation.

Council members told The Vidette that Bird was originally on administrative leave for 10 days, which was given to him before the Thanksgiving holiday.