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Man claims he’s God as he beats on deputies

A Puyallup man, wandering along the side of Blue Slough Road, has been charged with Assault in the Third Degree for punching and kicking a deputy earlier this month. During the assault, the man screamed out that “he was God.” It took two taser bolts and the huge man still didn’t go down. Deputies with the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office had just responded to a “suspicious person” call and had only asked the man how he was, the court documents state.

Last week, Superior Court Judge Mark McCauley ordered a sanity commission to determine if Isaac James Schwartz, 39, was competent enough to stand trial. He’s in the county jail on a $25,000 bail and was referred to Western State Hospital for a mental evaluation.

On Thursday, June 12, at just before 11:30 p.m., two deputies responded to a call about someone standing in the roadway trying to wave down passing cars. The deputies found Schwartz sitting on a gate for the Chehalis Surge Plain Natural Area trail.

Schwartz, who is 285 pounds and 6-foot, 10-inches tall became “noticeably agitated” when deputies asked him if he was alright or needed any help.

After some back and forth conversation, Schwartz allegedly through a punch at the deputy, who blocked it with his flashlight.

Both deputies pulled out their tasers, at which points Schwartz allegedly “took a fighting stance with closed fists and began to try to walk away.”

One of the deputies shot off the taser in the side of the man’s back, but the man was able to get loose and began throwing rocks.

“The defendant began screaming that he was God and that he was not going to be arrested,” the charging papers state.

He was shot with the taser again and went to the ground. As the deputies approached, he got back up and allegedly kicked one of the deputies in the left side and in the left thigh. The deputies eventually were able to get the guy down on the ground and held him down until more deputies arrived — “fighting the officers the entire time,” the charging documents state. “During transport, the defendant continued to scream and yell without making any sense.”

It’s still not clear what the man was doing on the side of the road or where he was going. He had addresses on file with the state Department of Licensing from Puyallup and Des Moines.

The deputy who was punched and kicked was back on the job soon after.