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Grays Harbor man charged with five counts of child rape

A 23-year-old Grays Harbor man has been charged in Grays Harbor Superior Court with five counts of first-degree child rape for allegedly forcing two young boys to have sexual intercourse with him at a house outside Montesano when he was a teenager some 10 years ago.

The victims, who are now each almost 15 years old, recently told detectives what happened when they had been young boys.

Jesse Drennon was a 13-year-old foster child living at the home when the two young boys would visit. Between June of 2003 and ending in March of 2006, Drennon allegedly would engage in sexual acts with the young boys.

One of the teens disclosed what had happened to his parents recently, who contacted detectives. He told detectives that Drennon “would always want him to go downstairs and play.” They’d be sitting on the couch together, when Drennon would allegedly start rubbing the boy in inappropriate ways.

The victim said he “was scared he might get into trouble and was scared of what the defendant might do to him if he did not do what he asked,” according to charging documents.

Sometimes, the inappropriate contact would intensify, the victim said, leading to sexual acts that would last five to 10 minutes at a time.

“The defendant then told him they were going back upstairs, but he couldn’t tell anyone because they would both get into big trouble,” the charging documents state.

The inappropriate contact would allegedly continue on different days and different times from the couch to the basement floor next to the couch to a blue play tent. Drennon is being charged three counts of child rape in the first degree for each location the acts allegedly occured.

Drennon is also being charged for inappropriate contact and sexual acts made with a second boy. The first victim that came forward told detectives he was forced to watch Drennon commit the acts against the other boy in the same basement.

When the second victim was contacted, now also a teenager, he “initially stated he forgot about or put the incidents behind him. However, after some reassurance, (the victim) agreed to talk about the incidents.”

Drennon faces two counts of child rape in the first degree for sexual acts allegedly committed on the couch and basement floor with the second boy.

Charging documents state that the defendant was interviewed on Nov. 27, 2013, where he allegedly admitted to inappropriate touching, but denied other aspects of the sexual contact that occurred.