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Expect to see more police cars in Elma

ELMA — Expect to see more Elma Police cars driving around town soon.

Last week, the Elma City Council approved replacing a patrol car that got wrecked during a pursuit from June. So that’s at least one new car. But Chief Jeff Troumbley says that he’s ordered many of the city’s unmarked cars to also get a new paint job with clear police markings on them. Troumbley said he was specifically responding to concerns from residents, who say they simply never see police cars in town. Elma Councilman David Blackett notes that the cars are there, just many times, they’re unmarked and people don’t know what to look for in an unmarked car. Blackett applauded Troumbley’s decision, noting that the complaints are likely to die down as soon as people realize there really are police cars patrolling the city.

Troumbley noted that the cost of the car, about $37,000, covered by the city’s insurance policy.