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County going out to bid for timber sales

MONTESANO — The county’s general fund coffers could get three quarters of a million dollars from four proposed timber sales set to go to market in March.

The county commissioners approved moving the sale forward, which make up more than 15 million board feet of timber and located up the Wishkah and around Stafford Creek. Altogether, the sales are expected to generate more than $6.3 million.

The county would shave 25 percent of the sales off the top to continue management of the county forest. The balance would benefit the general fund at $756,785, the road fund at $839,559, the Timberland Regional Library District at $177,367, the Port of Grays Harbor at $169,373 and schools for more than $2.8 million.

The sales contain mostly Douglas fir with some hemlock, according to Forestry Director Larry Smith, who advised the commissioners that his estimates on the sale could be off since there’s been plenty of high bids in recent years and fir prices are doing well right now.