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County approves raises for deputies

Many of the Teamsters employees in the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office will see raises coming their way.

On Dec. 2, the Grays Harbor County commissioners approved 2 percent raises for the deputies in a new three-year contract. And on Nov. 18, the commissioners approved a new four-year contract for support staff that gives raises ranging from 1 percent to 7.3 percent, depending on experience and position.

That leaves the Corrections division of the Teamsters contract that still has an unresolved contract. Commission Chairman Frank Gordon said at a recent budget workshop that the county had offered the Corrections employees, which run the county jail, a contract, but that the employees there had rejected the contract. At this point, Gordon said, the employees are waiting to see if the county includes new correction positions in their final budget, which is currently in the final phases of being crafted.

Under the new contract, a deputy sheriff making $49,584 would get a 2 percent bump next year to $50,575. That contract was approved unanimously.

The support staff contract was approved on a 2-1 vote with Commissioner Wes Cormier voting against the contract because he wanted to hold the line on raises.

The support staff contract represents the eight support specialists and two administrative secretaries. The four-year contract gives 1 percent raises to administrative secretaries for 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The contract gives support specialists a 5 percent increase next year, then 4 percent bumps in 2015 and 2016 and a 7.3 percent bump in 2017. The position also eliminates the administrative secretary job category and makes all of the support staff the same, higher-paying support specialists in 2017.

Today, an administrative secretary makes $40,296 per year on the low end of experience and $45,636 on the high end and a support specialist makes $36,132 on the low end and $40,512 on the high end. By the time the contract is over in 2017, all 10 employees will make $41,940 on the low end and $47,484 on the high end.