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Attorney celebrates new two-story building in Monte

Scott Campbell snips the ribbon at his new office on South First Street as Gaylon Boley(left to right), Megan Hunter and Sheryl Kolean Cummings look on.Buy Photo
Scott Campbell snips the ribbon at his new office on South First Street as Gaylon Boley(left to right), Megan Hunter and Sheryl Kolean Cummings look on.

Longtime Harbor attorney Scott Campbell is celebrating the completion of his new two-story building in Montesano with grand opening on Thursday, Jan. 30.

The office is staffed by four people, including two attorneys — Campbell and Ronnie Soriano Jr. The firm specializes in personal injury, family law and criminal defense. The firm’s paralegal is Sheryl Cummings and the receptionist/legal assistant is Amanda Torjussen.

The new law office is located at 115 South First Street, a half block from the county courthouse. Campbell’s office is located downstairs. His tenant, located upstairs, is longtime Harbor certified public accountant Gaylon Boley, who celebrates his own grand opening on Thursday, Jan. 16. Campbell, a graduate of the University of Puget Sound law school, has been practicing law on the Harbor for 23 years, including a stint as a partner at the Montesano firm of Olson, Zabriskie & Campbell before departing to start his own law office.

“I love practicing law on the Harbor,” Campbell said. “There are great people here. I love the courts here. It’s an exciting place to practice law.”

Campbell, 50, began practicing law in 1990 in Aberdeen. A year later, he moved to Montesano and has been practicing here since. His practice includes serious personal injury cases such as a premises liability case in which he obtained a $500,000 settlement in favor of his injured client recently. He represents clients charged with serious crimes. In 2010, a client was charged with vehicular homicide in the Pacific County Superior Court. The charge was dismissed in 2011.

Campbell also brings nearly 24 years of trial experience. Every year, he is active in both jury and bench trials throughout Western Washington. His trial experience includes cases involving personal injury, criminal law, domestic matters and property disputes. He also enjoys serving as a Judge Pro Tem and court commissioner for the Grays Harbor County Superior Court. He appears in many of this area’s tribal courts as well.

Soriano began his legal career in California. He later moved to Grays Harbor County, where he has been helping clients through broad family law matters and defendants through serious criminal charges. As an associate at the Campbell Law Firm, he continues his family law practice and criminal defense work. He also brings extensive understanding and experience with estates and trusts, including wills and other estate planning documents. He is fluent in the Tagalog language and knowledgeable in American Sign Language.

Campbell says he enjoys the variety of work found on the Harbor.

“I really enjoy personal-injury work,” said Campbell, “but I enjoy the variety of things you get in a small-town practice.”

Campbell says that finding clients has not been a problem.

“What you need to do is keep your reputation strong and keep the word of mouth going,” he said. “It’s like a lot of other professions in which you need to keep people happy.”


Boley will be hosting an open house for his business in the building’s upstairs office from 2 to 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 16. Boley’s phone number is (360) 249-8188.

The open house for the Campbell Law Office will be conducted from 3 to 6 p.m. on Jan. 30. The phone number is (360) 249-8482. The law firm’s website can be found at

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